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Your walking tour will begin at the centre of 'Viking' Dublin, taking in Wood Quay, the old city walls and Christ Church Cathedral.


We will make our way through the iconic Temple Bar area and then to Dublin Castle, the site of the place that gave Dublin it's name and the seat of British rule in Ireland for over 700 years.

Then onward to the majestic grounds of Trinity College (founded in 1593) where people such as Oscar Wilde and W.B Yeats received their education.

We will then head north accross the River Liffey, passing landmarks like the Long Stone of Ivar The Boneless and the original Irish parliment building along the way.

We shall cross the iconic O'Connell bridge, where you will learn about the emancipation of the Catholics of Ireland and see the site where the the 1916 Rebellion began, the Dublin G.P.O.

Heading eastward along the quays of the Liffey, you will see beautiful buildings like the Customs House (1781) The Great Hunger Memorial and the 'Jeanie Johnston' ship.

We end our tour in the heart of Dublin, where our troubled past meets our hopeful future.

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